Friday, August 12, 2005


Today's Adventures

I'm sure many of you appreciate a good hardware store. Today, I found one. I'd been procrastinating a trip to Marshall's Hardware here in town. Today, since I was going to lunch nearby, I decided to take the plunge and see what all the fuss was about.Now, I'm a fan of old-school hardware stores. I'm also a customer at Harbor Freight, Ace, and other places that sell implements of destruction. However, this hardware store was choice! Wow, was it big. And boy, did it have some of the neatest stuff.Here is a view down one of the aisles.


(Child not included)Here's today's haul from Marshall's. Work on the helmet will begin shortly.

The next stop was the Hobby store. I successfully purchased more paints than I needed along with a few backup projects in the form of plastic model cars. You can never tell when you may need an emergency backup project.Here is the cover of one of the emergency backup projects.

Next stop: Gateway Electronics!

Miniature LEDs, triangular LEDs, protoboard, and two photo-transistors. The plan is to make a lighty-up circuit for the commpad. I might have things light up when it's dark. I did forget to look for a small switch. I don't have anything particularly small in the parts box. 

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