Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Report - Music - Book Club - Aquarium

Whew. I worked those neurons a bit today, trying to remember the name of a song. It is a remake. I was sure it was redone by The Damned. I was right, and finally tracked it down on an obscure imported album.

The song is called Alone Again Or, and was originally done by a band called Love. It was also remade by UFO, who are pretty darn good, and then another of my favorite bands remade it - Calexico.

If you haven't heard of Calexico, then try "Alone Again Or" or "Si Tu Disais" by Calexico for a feel of their music.

Other stuff that happened today: I had an excellent time going to the park and meeting up with some other moms, who actually were having a book club, and it was really fun. Yay! Moms that think!

This made up for the absolutely disastrous attempt at going to Scripps Aquarium this morning. Four tantrums, shoes thrown at the other patrons, running, pushing, shoving, biting... we left about 11 minutes after we arrived. The only good thing about the visit was the giant octopus was moving around, and changing color for us. What an amazing creature.

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