Saturday, August 06, 2005


D20a is in!

Home Page for the new camera.

Haven't taken it out of the box yet, but soon will. I got an email from Oceanside Photo and Telescope yesterday afternnon that cameras had arrived, and did I still want the one I had on reserve? I immediately drove up and got it. I spent about $6 worth of gas driving, but saved about $30 worth in shipping.

Going into the store was a suprisingly good experience. I was dressed in work clothes, which means I looked like a bag lady, both kids were filthy and tired, and instead of getting treated badly due to dishevelment, I was treated extremely well.

The store has a large round compass rose patterned decorative floor mat in the center of the store. They have a zillion different telescopes, and an overwhelming amount of camera supplies. They're right off the 5, for those keeping track at home.

I got the camera, a 1 gig memory card, a remote shutter release, a T-ring and prime focus adapter, and an extra battery. I now need lenses, but that's a whole other odyssey!

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