Thursday, August 25, 2005


Little Tikes MagiCook Kitchen Update

After playing with it for a few hours, the oven RFID receiver didn't appear to work. It has a stovetop and an oven mentioned on the box as both being "interactive", so I feared a defect. Returning stuff is never fun.

So, I wrote to the company, and got an almost immediate reply. Here's the scoop.

"Dear Michelle:

Thank you for writing to Little Tikes.

Unfortunately, there is a misprint on the 440Y MagiCook Kitchen box. The original intention was to have an antenna in both the stove top burner and the oven to recognize the IntelliTikes food. However, when this
was tried out, it was found that the antennae were too close and interfered with each other so that neither worked well. It was decided to keep the burner antenna since it would probably have a greater play value
than the oven.

Since the boxes that this kitchen came in had already been ordered, the printing couldn't be changed in time for this year's products and the kitchens were packed in them.

If you no longer want this kitchen because of the above situation, we recommend doing a store return. Or, if that's not possible, write back and we will arrange to have you send us a copy of your receipt and a photo of the product destroyed so we can either refund your money or send you a redemption check.

Refer to your phone number if you write back and make sure to include your complete address. Thank you.

Little Tikes"

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