Monday, December 12, 2005


San Diego DMV Should Not Be Closed

The Department of Motor Vehicles should absolutely not be closed on a work day.

I motored on over to do some normal citizen-unit paperwork, only to find the DMV closed. Now, you might say, maybe I should have checked before I went. Perhaps, but it's a non-holiday Monday. Even the banks are open. Schools are in session. And, the parking lot had cars in it. And a lot of people walking back and forth from their cars to the doors.

About halfway to the door, a woman said "It's closed" in a very irritated voice. "They don't open until tomorrow morning."

I drove 20 minutes to find out that this DMV is open for 80% of the work week. Now, if it was a truly free service, I might not mind so much. But if you live in San Diego, you know how much you pay in taxes. For those of you who don't live here, it's a high-tax burden state and city. What a joke.

In the short time it took me to walk back over to my car, I counted 12 people walking back and forth. All were annoyed. 5 cars pulled into the parking lot while I was driving out. Obviously I'm not the only one that assumed that since it was a normal work day, a city office might in fact be open.

Lame, California. Get your act together. I've had quite enough of pension scandals, stripper money laundering scandals, wasted taxpayer money, terrible library schedules, fees fees and more fees, and now stupid state office schedules that incovenience the very people that are paying for all this.

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