Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Best email subject line of the day

The title of the email says it all. It was from travelocity.

"Book a Hotel in Las Vegas, Get a Free Survival Kit"

Survival kit? For surviving Las Vegas? Or for surviving something else? Survival from what? Obviously, from zombies. But could it cover nuclear war? Bird flu? Your typical set of in-laws? Mental illness? Bad food? Airplane food? Airplane travel? Bus travel?

Is it free or do I have to actually go to Las Vegas? Or, can I just book the hotel, get the survival kit, then cancel the hotel? Is the survival kit small enough to fit in my pocket? Car? Garage?

If I take this survival kit, will I be under obligation to accept others in the future? Will I feel social pressure to upgrade my survival kit? If I decide to have two survival kits, will this cause jealousy between the kits? If the kits are unhappy, will they fail to assist me in my next attempt at survival? Is there any guarentee of survival success with this particular survival kit, or am I on my own, yet again, with a couple of pressure bandages, some floss, a pair of plastic scissors, and alcohol-soaked swabs? Does the kit include tylenol to help with the survival-kit-management-induced headaches?

I should probably call travelocity and ask...

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