Saturday, December 31, 2005


New Macro Lens on the Way for the 20Da

Luckily, I have a relative that is a professional photographer. I have been able to borrow all the lenses she wasn't regularly using in order to use the Canon 20Da.

Today I ordered a lens for myself. Since a lot of my work is close-up photography, I researched lenses and found one that looks like it's going to work out quite well. It's the 100mm F/2.8 Canon USM macro lens. It should be here within the week. Here's an example photo in macro mode on the Olympus 1020Z that I was using before.

7may2005 110

I'm hoping to get as good or better results with the new setup, even though the Olympus, despite being a point-and-shoot, is actually pretty hard to beat in terms of flexibility and photo quality.

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