Monday, November 21, 2005


World of Warcraft Day 6

But, but, what happened to days 4 and 5?

Elementary my dear friends. I didn't get a chance to play on day 4 and 5. So let's fast-forward to Day 6 of 10.

This morning's session began at 6:30am. I wrapped up a centaur-culling quest where I had to burn their battle plans. Funny how they left them laying out in the open in their decrepit little huts. Silly centaurs. I was then joined by my orcish comrade Garoan. He chose the best face that an orc could possibly choose, and had stealthy powers.

With orc and troll power, we completed a quest called Encroachment, where we had to kill pigdog-looking people. The first set were easy to find. The other set were across the road, and therefore quite difficult to find. Really. Like Ren and Stempy, we pretended to take over the world. Or, at least that small corner of Razormane Land.

I realized, through trial and error, that I had to have a pick in order to mine copper from the copper mines. Geez. So I bought one, and mined some copper and some stone. Next step is to actually try and blacksmith something. I also bought a fishing pole, and trained up in some things that I probably should have already trained in, but no matter! Better late than never.

By the end of the morning (8:15am or so) I had worked through all of level 8 and reset my home base to razor hill, just for grins. Having a controllable bind point is nice. I noticed EQ pretty much added this as well.

So it was an enjoyable morning, despite the fact that Xorgo (sitting next to me at his PC playing EQ) complained almost the entire time that I was completing quests and levelling and stuff while he was killing no-exp frogs for a wood elf mask. I laughed at him with Troll-like snarking.

I like the mining, since it's basically foraging with a pick on top of a sparkly rock. I have a way to track mines as well as beasts, so the mines show up on your little map in the upper right.

I noticed that "regular" track doesn't seem to work with quest beasts. Only one type of track can be active at a time. Since the directions to the quested mobs tend to be pretty good, I started just leaving the mine track on all the time and taking diversions to mine stuff while on the way back and forth from various places.

I did die again due to brazen stupidity. I tried to find a heal potion in inventory, but that took more skill than I could muster in the short amount of time I was still alive.

I upgraded my quiver as well from a 6 slot to an 8 slot. Tailors can make backpacks, so I will be on the lookout for maybe getting another pack or two. Buying and selling the quiver taught me to put the pack into inventory first, then try and sell it. I think I accidentally had to buy back the quiver I wanted when I right-clicked it (to open it) and sold it instead.

So, only minor difficulties so far with the interface, mainly due to pilot error.

I think instead of Ren and Stimpy you meant Pinky and the Brain....


Once again I prove my lack of mastery of all things pop cultural!

Thanks for the correction, :)
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