Thursday, November 17, 2005


World of Warcraft Day 2

Day 2

Start time 6:30am. Started out taking any quest I could find. Trained and sold stuff at starting city along the way.

Attained level 4 by 7:00am. Reached 5th at 7:30. Enjoyed waking up "lazy peons" with a blackjack given to me by a Foreman. The sound of a blackjack hitting troll skull warmed the cockles of my heart.

Reached level 6 at 8:10 then did some more exploring. Found four or five areas of troll population concentration. Encampments are tiny. I like the DAOC style directions that the local thugs give you. Nothing was hard to find in any encampment. The mobs are all quick work. The difficulty level of combat is very similar to DAOC. The "styles" or combat abilities are neat. I only have one so far, though.

All the other players in the zone seem to be quite busy. I've chatted towards a few other people, but they stop for a few seconds then run off. The game was easy enough to where I could continue a long-running conversation with Ken about a particular Bach CD that was profiled in BBC Music Magazine.

I've found miners and fishermen that want to train me, but I haven't taken that on yet. I'd like to get above the early levels and gain a few more class-specific skills before spending any of the limited time I have on that kind of skill. I finished up at 9:00am about halfway through the latest batch of quests.

I like the quest log system, that does help. However, the quests so far are single-step hunt-and-gather type stuff, so pretty easy to remember without the log. So, by 9:00 I had not dinged level 7, but I suspect it's close. Trolls are fun so far!

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