Thursday, November 17, 2005


World of Warcraft Day 1

Day 1

15 minutes to level two with a troll hunter on one of the PVP servers. Took over an hour to patch the program, however. Seems exactly like EQ, except  greatly accelerated exp. Lots of babblebabble adolescent chit chat flying by about guilds and end game content.

Research showed that EQ currently has a little less than half a million subscribers. WoW has two million, and is about to be launched in China. By comparison, EQ2 has 278,000 subscribers as of this past summer.

In order to make any further progress in EQ towards finding a new guild (shok and KHS are empty), I have to do more flagging. No mid-tier and above guilds accept applications without at least elemental flagging. I could join a low to mid-tier guild, but that sounds like what I was trying to progress from, not to. I am going to experiment with monster missions and try to see how it goes. The DoN cultural armor quest looks quite fun (smithing quest). I'll start that soon, and see how it goes.

play it for more then 15minutes before you write a review on it.
Please note the "Day 1" in the title of the post. This is the first day of play of a 10-day trial.

Impressions from each day, including the first, are quite valid. Most people make the decision to keep playing a game based on initial impressions.

If I wanted to identify it as a "review" then I would have probably called it that.

But, thanks for putting your two cents in. It's a shame you didn't take the time to share something about the game, yourself. I'm always interested in other people's impressions of what they spend their time doing.
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