Friday, November 18, 2005


Everquest DoN Cultural Armor Day 1

Mission to... Crushbone! Yes, crushbone. I had to kill legionaires, oracles, collect some grody orc-contaminated drops, and then turn them back in to the Tradeskill Quest Giver in Greater Faydark. I got a book on Wood Elven culture in return. Did I not look cultured enough? Well, if you've ever met Trueflight, you know the answer to that. Besides being light reading, the book gives some clues on making the rest of the background supplies for the quest.

The cultural armor is completed in four stages. There is an augmentation symbol that goes along with each armor stage as well. The armor is high AC and low HP, so the augment provides a bit of balance in this regard.

So. It turns out there is a dark blue to 68 mob in Crushbone now. I found this out the hard way, after being hit repeatedly for 930 points of damage. The lesson for the day? Don't kill the messenger. Orc Messenger, that is. Imagine my surprise when I whacked away without considering my ugly orcish opponent, and got killed on the table in the throne room! Killed! Me! DEAD

I met a really nice person who was factioning in crushbone (59 ranger) and we had a great time goofing off.

The mission or quest log seems exactly like World of Warcraft where it keeps track of your tasks and the stage of completion. I like this addition very much. You can share tasks, too - this made the "kill a bunch of legos" fun because the other person's kills counted towards my to-do list.

No discernible experience for turning in any of this stuff, but this part of the cultural armor quest is designed to be done at level 30.

For the next book (2 of 4) I head to Acrylia Caverns. I think I'll get all 4 of the books together first, then start on the smithing, just to save space and juggling inventory. I will have to do 2 levels worth of leveling, due to the fact that the last book quest isn't given below level 70.

So, that's the summary of this evening's fun and adventure in CRUSHBONE!

Another thing I noticed was the veteran rewards. I haven't played in so long, that all the new stuff really stands out to me - the veteran rewards are granted with respect to how long you've had the account active. I'm at 6.3 years, so I got (I think) six different AA type skills. Some of them are pretty nice.

So, if I can complete one of these missions per evening, then the book part might be done in a week or two. If I can run into nice people like the person I met today on a regular basis, then that's icing on the cake of new armor.

The cultural armor isn't as good as top-end raid stuff, but if you are interested in checking it out for comparison, it's called Wirewood.

Here is a link to the chest piece for those interested.

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