Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Some Day...

Some day, I'm going to make up a questionaire.

It's going to be "How much like Michelle are you?"

One of the questions is going to be:

It's that time of the year where you set your clocks either forward or backward. When you come up to a clock in your house do you

A: Change it, then change all the other clocks, regardless of whether they need to be changed because obviously someone else hasn't done it yet and they're Set All Wrong.
B: Notice you haven't changed this clock since the last daylight savings time "adjustment celebration", and feel vaguely worried that you've been an hour late for months and months.
C: Don't even look at the clock because you know you haven't adjusted it and that was your secret plan all along and now you've saved about 18.5 seconds of time that will be spent on figuring out a new way to hack Tivo.

A: award yourself one Ken Point. (KP)
B: award yourself one Michelle's Mom Point. (MMP)
C: award yourself one Michelle Point. (MP)

See? Doesn't that sound like a fun questionaire?

What would a question from *your* questionaire go like?

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