Tuesday, April 12, 2005



Current podcast subscriptions for Michelle!
Show me yours!

Adam Curry Daily Source Code
2600 The Hacker Quarterly
Verbum Domini
Catholic Cast Podcast
Microtonal Podcast
In the Hands
Soundseeing Tours
The Daily Glyph
Really Learn Spanish
The Daily Idiom
The Miller Report with Dave Miller
Why-Fish Radio Podcast
St. Therese of Carmel Podcasts (mine)
ChristianPodcasting.Com The Christian Music Podcast
Story Spieler Podcast
ChristianPodcasting.Com Hymnbook
Trance Fury Radio
The GodCast Network: Horizon Podcast (church up the street)
Radio-Free RFC Podcast
This Week in Amateur Radio
Technology and Learning
Celtic Music News Podcast
Agitha Demark Recordings
Catholic Insider (fantastic, well-done, professional-sounding, touching, funny, etc)
Vatican Radio One-0-Five Live
Downlow Music Radio Broadcasting from Seattle
Spellbound, a brief Program of Music for Theremin
Singularity Podcast (physics)

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