Monday, April 04, 2005


Busy Weekday


I realized a goal I'd set sometime back of placing a geocache. I finished up an offset cache this week, and two groups have found it!

Listing is here.

I had to modify the puzzle based on the experiences of the first people to find it. I saw them looking and knew they'd tried two times already and probably needed some help. I got them on the right track in a few minutes.

Since it's close to the house I'm going to try and keep it well-stocked with fun, no-stress items. What I mean by "no-stress" is that if neighborhood kids find the cache and for some reason take it, that I can replace it relatively quickly. Most of them already geocache, however, so there should be low probability of a loss.

Other developments on this end include a facelift for the choir web page, additional podcast plans, and continuing violin work. I got invited to join a monthly jam session and there is another weekly one that will start up soon that I also got invited to. Not sure whether I can swing that many meetings.

I finished a video project for the Palomar Amateur Radio Club. I'll have it up on the net this week. The history project for the club is almost done. I might just go ahead and wrap it up without the additional audio I need to patch in a hole in the content.

There's a smocking project in the works. It's a large piece of fabric but I'm about 30 percent of the way done with it.


The stitches are all cable or trellis. The small white ones at the top are single strand. The rest are triple strand.

I submitted a proposal for reinforcing the floor of our new church building today. I'm waiting word on what the committee will decide and hoping that they take up the issue and move forward with it. The question is whether or not to reinforce the floor for a future pipe organ now or wait until later. Since post-construction costs are so much higher than construction costs, it makes sense to proceed, given that the particular location actually seems to be a good one.

Pipe organs can weigh tens of thousands of pounds. They're quite impressive. I've learned a lot about the instrument and my appreciation for the design of such things has only grown.

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