Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Engineer's Hair Cut (long hair version)

Long hair? Check. Engineer? Check. Want free hair cut? Check. Want it to look ok or good? Check. Want it to last no longer than 30 seconds and involve no travel? Check. Want to still be able to braid hair? Check. Have a sharp pair of scissors, the full use of your arms, and have the ability to bend at the waist? Check.

You are ready for the female engineer hair cut (long hair version).


Get sharp pair of scissors.
Brush hair.
Flip hair over head, bending at waist.
Brush hair to straighten it out.
Hold hair with non-dominant hand at arm's length straight out from face. Angle with major axis of head should be close to 90 degrees.

What you will see:

19apr2005 051

What other people will see, standing off to the side:

19apr2005 055

If necessary, use hair tie to capture and hold hair in preparation for cutting.

End result front and back:

19apr2005 0721

19apr2005 0651

Shorten distance from nose to gathering point to shorten cut.

Advantages: layering achieved, quick, easy, free.
Disadvantages: bangs are another separate protocol.

Simple Bangs Protocol: Gather hair from temples to crown of head. Pull hair together with hair tie or fingers. Form 45 degree angle from the horizontal plane of head. Measure several inches.

Snip! Snip!

Blunt bangs created in one cut. Repeat if shorter bangs are desired. Start long, go shorter gradually.

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