Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Sewing Project Update 6 (final): Tibetan Panel Coat

Tibetan Panel Coat Completed tonight around 7pm.

25jan2005 014

There are some flaws. The side vents have a disparity between the lining and the outer layers which causes the sides to not lie completely flat.

25jan2005 012

The decorative shoulder facing on one side is more wrinkled than the other. My seam ripper got a workout today because I failed to read through the directions as well as I should have. Other than those things, the project turned out as pictured! It was fun and I am plotting the next panel coat.

25jan2005 007

Panel coats are similar to swing coats or pea coats in the way they hang and wear. They are narrower than the aforementioned styles, but the general shape is of a swing coat.

25jan2005 008

Here's a full-length view.

25jan2005 015

Here is one of the final seams going in.

25jan2005 002

This is a view of the collar facing.

25jan2005 005

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