Monday, January 10, 2005


Rain Report and Mudslide Update

Heavy rains continue for the fourth straight day here in North County Coastal, San Diego.

Six inches have fallen since I dumped out the rain gauge forty-eight hours ago, and two inches fell overnight.

We aren't in danger of mudslides here, but San Diego county has a large amount of hillsides with no appreciable vegetation due to the October 2003 fires.

Mudslides and flooding have occurred in the Southland, but the particular area I live in has not suffered anything more than downed trees.

Some of the foothills have received over a foot of rain and Palomar Mountain has had three significant snowfalls. We're all hoping the snowpack and the reservoirs will be back to normal or above-normal levels and that what we consider to be a five-year drought on Palomar Mountain will end.

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