Sunday, January 16, 2005


Sewing Project Update #2: The Ranger Burnoose

16jan2005 011

This is a view of the hood and inner lining. Note cute tassel. I had to repair tassel after it started to unravel.

16jan2005 014

Here is a close-up of the inner lining (white patterned fabric) against the dark green outer fabric (microfiber suede). You can see the forest green binding I used to put the two fabrics together. I didn't try to stitch in the ditch to hide the seamline as it would have taken a long time and I didn't mind seeing some topstitch-style threads. For the Chrysanthemum Burnose, though, I might try and finesse the binding like you're supposed to.

16jan2005 013

Here is the closure. A burnoose is actually sewn shut at the front. The silver closures are there as a decoration and are not really functional.

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