Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Sewing Project Update 1: The Chrysanthemum Burnoose

This sewing project went very quickly. I cut out, assembled, and finished this Burnoose in one afternoon.

25jan2005_2 060

25jan2005_2 056

All of the things I noted from working through The Ranger Burnoose were appllied here. The project went much faster due to having some experience with the design. I used the same pattern as before, which can be found in the Folkwear book.

The green outer fabric is a "silky brocade" (55% nylon, 45% polyester). It has a design dominated by Chrysanthemum blossoms.

25jan2005_2 038

The white lining is a polyester-type heavily textured fabric with about the same stretch as the brocade. The binding is quilt binding in green and white. The fabrics stitched together very easily even though they are both fairly heavy in weight.

25jan2005_2 058

The tassel is pink. There are pink accents in the green brocade. Initially, I had selected several pink fabrics for the lining, but this particular green brocade has some blue in it. The pink against the green made the green look muddy, but a very light cream white didn't give the same effect and the pink accents still stood out. The pink tassel provided more than enough coordinating accent color.

25jan2005_2 057

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