Monday, July 25, 2005


Vogue 2494 Black Brocade Dress Report 3

24 July 2005 0471

Here is the dress on the dressform. It's constructed, and looks ok. There are two areas of work that need to be done on the front, the hems need to be completed, and the positioning of the drape on the left shoulder (as you are wearing the dress) needs to be finalized. The pattern is really quite easy, and I have enjoyed putting it together very much.

I really like the black brocade fabric. The gold lining works quite well. The flower pattern does camoflage the dramatic paneling of the dress a bit. However, the flowers really glow in the light. The colors are great. The pattern is on the small side, but I think will work based on the sheer length and amount of fabric that is visible.

The facing for the small hole in the front was tricky. There is a seam visible on this one that should not be visible. I goofed up. I am going to put a zipper in the side instead of snaps just to make it go together more quickly. The zipper is there it make it easier to put on and take off, since it's fitted in the waist.

The fabric is washable, but I'd recommend dry cleaning instead of washing it in a machine, unless you're good at handling delicate fabrics.

24 July 2005 0341

Here's what the facing for the hole in front looked like going in.

24 July 2005 0521

Rear view of the dress on dressform.

24 July 2005 0481

Another view from the front, with dress on dressform.

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