Monday, July 11, 2005


Hamblog Still Down

Hamblog is still down with no explanation.

A fellow ham attempted to email Charles (N5PVL), the Hamblog administrator and the messages bounced.

There was no communication to the users of the site before it went down.

A frequent poster did move their blog in between outages. Here is his blog posting at his new site. Permalink included below.

"Back in the saddle again............

Well I find myself shifting gears again. For some reason the site does not currently seem to be available. I noticed today, May 29th 2005, that when I tried to get into the site I get the message “Account has been suspended” and no further explanation.

Since I can't find anyone connected with the site who can tell me what their current or future status is I am shifting back to Blogspot for my web log. I still like the idea of Hamblog since it is a focus point for amateur radio operators and seems to draw a good readership. If and when the site returns I will decide if I am going to move the blog entries from there to here or continue with new posting going to Hamblog. I really don't have time to play ping-pong with two sites. Hopefully the loss of Hamblog is short term and it will return. Until that time look for my ramblings here. posted by Ken / WA3FKG @ Monday, May 30, 2005"

I noticed that Charles posted in some threads in the forums of the QRZ website. He's still active over at QRZ. There are links in the profile to send him messages. I'm sure others have already tried. I'm going to send a short note today, expressing some hope that hamblog isn't an abandoned project. I'm sure someone out there would take it over if need be. I hope Charles knows how useful and enjoyable the site is/was, and hasn't stopped managing hamblog because of something negative or unfortunate.

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