Friday, July 29, 2005


Cool Toy

27 July 2005 0071

This is one of the neatest toys I've come across lately. Magnetized plastic gears that freely spin, and a motorized gear to turn them all. The gear is well-clutched, so jams don't bother it. It's tap-on. tap-off, easy enough that the 1 year old plays with it no problem, and it makes some really neat combinations if you experiment around with it. There are different-sized gears, as you can see in the photo, and they're different colors. Not pictured are the red, orange, and purple gears. They're on the floor beside Michael. I just didn't get them all in the picture.

Two things I noticed with this toy are

1) the glue holding the magnet to the gear doesn't stand up to Full Nerdling Assault. Michael disassembled a lego bumper car while riding it at Legoland, so this is somewhat of a nitpick. I glued the magnets back on with some sort of strange white glue substance that Office Depot sold a while back. They've not come off since.

2) Geneva pulled off all the stickers and stuck them to herself. The gears are now not decorated. You put the stickers on yourself, so you can choose color combinations. However, the adhesive was apparently made out of the same stuff that the magnet glue was made out of.

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