Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Project Tolkien Part One

Project Tolkien Part One

This is a photo of my San Diego Model Railroad Museum floor tile. Installed 2006. Each tile is actually part of a railroad motif that goes down the center of each hallway. There are a couple hundred tiles so far. The museum sells them as a fundraiser. Usually people put their name or a memorial name, or a sponsoring company buys a tile. I'm sure you've seen something similar at universities or other places where donations are important.

The black background is the railroad tie. There's two metal decorative strips for the rails themselves on either side. I forgot to get a hallway-scaled photo, but will get one next time I go, so you can better tell what I'm talking about. Since it's a railroad museum, the tiles form a railroad motif.

Balboa Park 0871


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