Friday, September 02, 2005


Family Homes from Satellite Image post-Hurricane Katrina

Bridge Street off of Pass Road, Gulfport MS. Click on photo for notes that explain what's what. Lots of trees down but roof looks largely intact. This is my great aunt/uncle's house. They evacuated to North Carolina.



Inconclusive. Neighbors' homes demolished, pier gone, resolution not good enough to tell if the house is destroyed, damaged, or has only minor damage. Considering the damage to the neighbor's, I will be surprised if the house is in good shape. However, storms often do freaky things. This is my other uncle's home, and is right on the water. Click on photo to see notes of what's what. They evacuated to Birmingham, AL.

No communications into Gulfport yet, but I did find a satellite image of the Pass Road house. Minor damage in the back to the house (righthand side of photo faces ocean). The shop got whacked. We presume that they stayed and rode out the storm.


Notes on flickr show what's what.


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