Saturday, May 07, 2005



Wasn't there an MTV show called Oddities at one point? Didn't that show debut the anime version of Aeon Flux?

Anyway. Check this out.

7may2005 013

This is in the women's handicap stall restroom of IHOP on Del Mar Heights Road. Now notice on the righthand side of the changing table. There is an odd texture.

7may2005 016

It's braille.

The layers of abstraction enthrall me.

You have a baby. You're blind. You're in IHOP. The baby needs changing. This braille message is supposed to help...

I got to tell you, a convenient braille message located on the righthand side of a changing table in the handicap stall of the women's restroom is that LAST thing on my list of things I would need if I were blind AND had a stinky baby diaper to deal with, while trying to eat my International Burrito. I'm impressed.

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