Saturday, February 11, 2006

Video Clip from Top Gear

Video clip from one of my favorite shows. If you've ever had a car that refused to die, you might appreciate this clip.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

MySpace Theme CD announcement

Announcing: MySpace Friends Theme CD number 2!

Goal: Make a mix CD that accomplishes the theme for exchange with other people on your friends list.

Current Theme: Drivin' and Cryin' (Driving and/or Crying, Crying and/or Driving)

This theme was submitted by Amy, and she also had a fantastic idea. Along with the production of any physical audio CDs that you want to mail to participants, you can also publish the iMix of your playlist on iTunes. That way, people can check out the archive, burn their own if they want, and get previews of music that they don't already have.

I put both of my themed CDs up on iMix. I am using the title MFTC [theme] by Michelle.

If you include MFTC in the title, then it's easy to search for everyone's mix.

The ones I've done so far are
MFTC Storms by Michelle
MFTC Driving and Crying by Michelle

The links should take you to the iMix page after you indicate whether or not you have iTunes installed on your PC. I believe you can view the playlists either way, but with iTunes you can listen to 30-second clips, etc.

Indicate participation Here